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​Our story began on 2nd May 1957 with our first radio broadcast. This was followed by our first television service on 9th July 1975. Prior to Brunei Darussalam's independence in 1984, Radio Television Brunei's radio service had operated under the country's Department of Broadcasting and Information.


Television services have, with full dedication, successfully produced the best products and attracted the interest of the country's society to continue following RTB's television broadcasts. RTB in turn continues to diligently enhance quantity and improve the quality of not only its products but also its services. This is not only from the aspects of programme quantity and quality to fulfil audience requirements but also transmission technical quality. RTB has migrated fully to HD digital broadcast as of 1st January 2018.

RTB plays a role as a national development platform through services that cover various main fields. In line with technological development and current trends, RTB continues to enhance technical operations capacity by establishing services that allow viewers to follow television broadcasts via multi-platforms especially through smartphones and also online streaming services for national events. It is hoped that Brunei television services continue to successfully move forwards and implement RTB development measures in response to the challenge with technological development as well as the viewers' high expectations and hopes which can give a positive impact to national development. 


Radio Brunei began on 2nd May 1957, an important point for broadcasting in Brunei Darussalam as on that day, the words 'Inilah Radio Brunei' or 'This is Radio Brunei' echoed across this beloved nation. Now, Radio Brunei serves five radio channels with 24-hour services. The five channels are Nasional FM, Pilihan FM, Pelangi FM, Harmoni FM and Rangkaian Nur Islam. The development of these five radio channels is a continuous effort of the management of Radio Television Brunei in offering radio services that are relevant in fulfilling the tastes of listeners.